About me


Hi there, and thanks for viewing my personal website. I’m Joshua, but I usually go by Josh. I was born and raised in the outer-suburbs of Melbourne. My passion for programming started when I was in high school when we would learn how to code games in Game Studio.

Fast-forward to today, I’m a Python programmer with a strong open-source mindset. If you spot me out on the streets of Melbourne, I’ll be sure to greet you with a side of open-source testimonials.


  • Obtained my Bacherlor’s of Computer Science from Monash University in 2019
  • As of 2019, I am currently employed at Infosys Ltd Australia, and I am working at one of their clients, National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • I have volunteered in roles dealing with hardware troubleshooting in school settings as well as from personal requests
  • My go to programming language is Python. I also have used Java, Javascript and Scala in the past

My interests

  • Open-source software (durr!)
  • The Linux operating system
  • Australian rules football (AFL)
  • Pretty much most things tech related
  • Japanese culture including Anime
  • Exploring various cuisines


If you think I’m a cool guy or you would like me to help out on a project, you’re more than welcomed to contact me (email preferred).

For all work-related enquiries, please contact me via email or Linkedin.